Understanding your dual citizen responsibilities in USA, UK and Canada

    By definition, dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time, with all legal rights and obligations of both countries. When it comes to citizenship by investment, it’s important to understand your dual citizen responsibilities in different countries.  In this particular overview, we’ll be focusing on dual citizen obligations in the USA, UK and Canada.

    General Dual Citizen Obligations

    On the most fundamental level, each country expects that its naturalized citizens be loyal and obey the laws. The next tier is participating in the democratic process, being involved in the local community, and practicing respect and tolerance toward the opinions, rights and beliefs of others.

    On the contrary, you can lose your citizenship if you commit treason or join an army that is at war with your country. Generally, a permanent resident breaking the law is a subject to deportation, while a citizen goes through the established legal system and its protocol.

    These are the most basic dual citizen responsibilities. Each country also has their own specific dual citizen responsibilities - see our overview below for more details.

    • USA Dual Citizen Responsibilities
    • Support and defend the Constitution
    • Serve the country when required*
    • File your tax report with the IRS each year, regardless of physical residence and origin of assets (taxation is based on citizenship, not residency)
    • Report for jury duty

    *Although there hasn’t been a draft since 1973, draft registration is required for men over 18

    Note: The U.S. government allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship, but it does not encourage it as a policy. In most cases, the US is not concerned if another country also claims you as a citizen.

    UK Dual Citizen Responsibilities



    • Civic duties are an expected part of life (voting, jury service, giving evidence in court, etc.)
    • Traditions and common practices serve as a constitution
    • Income received in the UK or outside income brought into the UK is taxable

    Canada Dual Citizen Responsibilities

    Canada outlines all its values in a special Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, with an emphasis on:

    • Multiculturalism is the lifeblood of the society (It’s a "mosaic,” allowing you to preserve your cultural identity vs. the US concept of a "melting pot")
    • 40 hours of community service are required to graduate high school in Ontario
    • There is no official military draft; enlisting in the army is a career choic
    • An annual tax report is required from all citizens, but varies depending on the province of residence

    To learn more about your dual citizen obligations, or residency programs in the USA, UK and Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    ~ to be continued ~

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