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Nickolay Vasilev

Real Estate Advisor - Riviera Maya, Mexico

Nikolay (Niko), our newest team member, knows a thing or two about being a world traveller. Though he is a native of Bulgaria, he currently resides as a permanent resident in Mexico. Nikolay has worked at all levels of his industry all over the world, from the UK to Greece and now in Mexico. He also speaks five languages, including Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Greek, and Russian, which makes him an invaluable asset in our global business.

Nikolay’s core strengths lie in his ability as an estate agent. He boasts a long and successful career of almost 20 years in sales. He was recently working in timeshare sales before striking out on his own as a freelancer in sales management. As many of the citizenship and residency by investment programs involve investment in property of some kind, Nikolay’s expertise will allow us to guide you smoothly through that process.

Nikolay is going to assist you in finding the best property for you in Mexico whether for your permanent residency in Mexico or just an investment.

Nikolay cites his interpersonal communication skills and his passion for excellence as some of the reasons for his success. In his free time, Nikolay likes to stay active and enjoy the natural beauty of his new home, Mexico, where he enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and fishing.

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