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What is Global Index-Based Investment Design and How it Works

Global Index-Based Investment Designs

Global Index-Based Investment Designs are structured investment designs that are executed through some of the world's best known and respected banks.

We create index-based structured investments based on intricate economic analysis. This helps significantly reduce risk and generate high returns for professional and self-certified investors, as well as Ultra-High Net-Worth (UHNW) clients around the world.


What’s There for You


  • A well-researched investment, designed through reputable world banks.
  • Solid returns without the typical and equivalent level of risk.
  • Early maturity dates and buffers of protection which help mitigate risk to capital.
  • Clients pay no initial or management fees.
  • The designs are easy to understand.
  • High levels of capital protection.
  • Quarterly observation dates.
  • London-based office and fully independent.
  • Every investment made is through a regulated stockbroker.
  • All monies invested by the client go directly to the bank (via the stockbroker).

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How it Works


Each design is constructed from deep macroeconomic research of a country's economic fundamentals from where we focus on a particular country’s financial index. Each design is created with pre-set conditions in terms of returns, time-frame, high levels of protection to capital and built-in early maturity dates.*

We work independently with major global banks including UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, Commerzbank and BBVA, through whom we create index-based designs

Of fundamental importance to us is protecting capital by mitigating risk, while still maintaining consistent returns. Our designs contain buffers of protection to average a return of 8-12% per year, without taking the typical or equivalent level of risk. This is our major skill.

*An explanation of early maturity dates: We build multiple early maturity dates into every design. These are observation dates that trigger an investment maturity. While the investments are designed to run for 6 years, an early maturity is good for the investors as the investment will pay out capital and interest before the end of the full 6-year term. 


This expedited return allows investors to recycle and reinvest their capital into a new investment design.  However, early maturities aren’t guaranteed and an investment could run its full term before a maturity happens.



Investment Types and Requirements

Global Indices Designs are created wherever we see value in economies throughout the world. The required investment capital range starts at $500,000 and goes up to one hundred million dollars. We can work with a variety of currencies, with design denominated in the US Dollar, GBP, and EUR. 

All invested capital goes directly to the banks. Each bespoke design has its own ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) code and is facilitated through a stockbroker. 

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Previous Indices Designs Created by Us:

Here are three case studies of successful designs we created. 

1) In June 2015 through Commerzbank: UK - Spain - Brazil: ISIN:XS1258558904

10.2% per year design (2.55% per 3 months). It was a 6-year design but matured within 18 months. The return was 15.3% (6*2.55%).

2) In October 2018 through Bank of Bilbao: UK - Spain - Euro-Stoxx: ISIN:XS1897327919

8.2% a year design (2.05% per 3 months). It was a 6-year design but matured within 6 months. The return was 4.1% (2*2.05%).

3) In May 2019 through Bank of Bilbao: UK - Spain - South Korea: ISIN:XS1998932039

8.2% a year design (2.05% per 3 months). This was a 6-year design but also matured within only 6 months. The return was 4.1% (2*2.05%).



Vicky Katsarova, CEO

“My world travels and my own immigration experiences have given me a deep understanding and clear insight into each of our clients’ specific requirements, aspirations and concerns. It is this intense personal association with client expectations and needs that helps to set our company and our service apart.”


Are you interested in pursuing a solid investment opportunity with low risk and high returns? If so, a tailored investment design could be the perfect fit. 

For any further questions or to get started on your own bespoke investment design, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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