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    At High Net-Worth Immigration, we offer a variety of citizenship-by-investment programs that enable you to legally apply for irrevocable citizenship and passport in another country. We’re here to offer guidance and support for every step of the process, from picking the most suitable program, to seamlessly navigating all of the paperwork and requirements.

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    Free Initial Consultation

    We offer a free consultation for all of our new clients. This enables us to understand your needs, goals and preferences, while gathering the information we need to determine which programs are the best fit for you and your family. This is also an ideal opportunity to answer any questions you might have about the citizenship by investment process.

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    Selecting the Citizenship Program That is Best for You

    We offer residency and citizenship through investment programs in countries around the world including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Lucia.

    Each country has its own unique program with varying requirements, processing times and benefits, in addition to its geographic and cultural distinctions.
    We will work closely with you to determine the best citizenship by investment program for your particular circumstances, needs and preferences.

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    Delivering Timely Guidance and Support

    Citizenship by investment programs are in constant flux. Often, the governments of these countries consistently make improvements to compete against other successful programs worldwide. Plus, taxation, immigration and travel laws frequently change, so an integral part of our service is staying up to date on every aspect of each investment program. Our worldwide network of experts ensures that we will always provide you with relevant information and guidance that will enable you to make the best decisions.

    We’re also constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities that will benefit our clients. It’s an integral part of our business to educate you on all available investment opportunities and help you choose the best one for your unique circumstances.


    Local On-the-Ground Services

    Most citizenship by investment programs require you to visit the country as part of the application process. Sometimes this includes an interview at the local consular office, or personally submitting documents with an official file examiner.

    Part of our service includes managing these steps by helping you handle any on-site requirements, providing a translator, and escorting you to interviews. We’ve established a network of local contacts in each country to help and advise you during the entire process.

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    Government, Processing, and Consultancy Fees

    Each residence and citizenship by investment program application has its own fee requirements in addition to the investment. We make all of the financial requirements transparent, and keep you informed about the costs and payment requirements during each step of your application.

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    After Attaining Residence or Citizenship

    Our support services don’t stop once you’ve attained residence citizenship in your country of choice. In fact, that is just the beginning of your new journey. Our certified partners are experts in local investment, taxation, banking, and are there to help establish your new life and business endeavors.

    You may want long-term support in matters such as entrepreneurship, business administration, portfolio management or global investing. We’re happy to advise you in these areas or connect you with the most appropriate specialist.

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