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Family Application under the Cyprus Citizenship Program


    Who is Included and How Do They Acquire Citizenship?

    Family Application under the Cyprus Citizenship Program, introduced by the Council of Ministers, enables the investor’s spouse or civil partner, the investor’s parents, minor children, and financially-dependent adult children to become Cyprus citizens. The council’s decision is confirmed in Section 110 (3) of Cyprus Civil Registry Law. Let us, now, look at the definition of each of those family member terms, and at the associated application conditions.


    Spouse or Partner

    A spouse is defined as someone married to the investor, either in the Republic of Cyprus or in the investor’s country of origin or current country of domicile.

    The term partner has been defined, for the purposes of the Scheme, and further clarified in Cyprus’ 2015 Civil Partnership Law 184 (1), as anyone who entered into a civil partnership with the investor that was concluded in Cyprus or in any other state provided the following conditions are satisfied:

    • The legislation in the state where the partnership was entered into must permit such a partnership.
    • The legislation permitting the partnership must still be in force.
    • The partnership must have been entered into willingly, and without coercion.
    • The partners must both have been of sound mind.

    The investor’s spouse or partner’s application for citizenship may be submitted along with the investor’s rather than afterwards and separately. Again, this simplifies and speeds up the process, and enables them to be approved simultaneously.


    Minor Children

    These are the investor’s children who are under the age of 18.

    Citizenship applications must only be submitted after the investor has become a citizen and must be approved by both parents.

    Adult, Dependent Children

    Adult children who are considered financially dependent must satisfy one of the two following conditions:

    • Students up to 28 years of age, and who are attending an institution of higher education. Their course of studies must lead to a diploma, an undergraduate or a master’s degree. A course which leads to a professional qualification such as chartered accountant, lawyer does not qualify.
    • Children, regardless of their age, whose mental or physical impairment means they are not able to work.

    Adult children may only submit their citizenship applications after the investor has been naturalized as a citizen of Cyprus.



    The investor’s parents may apply for citizenship provided they hold a permanent and privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus. The residence must have had a purchase price of at least €500,000 plus VAT. The investor and the investor’s parents may own a single permanent residence between them. In order for it to qualify, the jointly-owned residence must have had a purchase price of at least €1 million plus VAT.

    Parents, like other dependent family members may only apply for citizenship after the investor has become a citizen.