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Nelson Osuya-Eni

Affiliate Partner - Nigeria & Ghana

Nelson is well-acquainted with the world of citizenship by investment. As CEO of Travel Without Visas Conceptz, he delivers seminars, talk shows, workshops and interviews about the benefits of securing a second citizenship and/or residency, while also helping candidates determine their eligibility to apply for any given citizenship-by-investment program.

This goes hand in hand with his experience as an Exclusive Partner at Tucano Productions, where he was responsible for marketing residency and citizenship by investment programs in Paraguay, Panama, Spain, Brazil, and Botswana. As an affiliate for High Net Worth Immigration, Nelson helps service our clients in Africa, and directs them toward the best citizenship by investment program to meet their unique needs. 

In his free time, Nelson enjoys swimming, traveling, listening to gospel, and watching programs on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

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