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Plamen Stefanov

Representative Office - Bulgaria

Plamen is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and recently joined the HNWI team. Plamen’s professional background has made him an expert in investment and wealth management. This is particularly important to any of our clients whose plans involve establishing residency and citizenship in one of the European Union member states.

Plamen’s vast experience includes a detailed understanding of many industrial, commercial and state-funded projects. He has worked on, for example, investment and development projects in energy, including renewable energy; commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure construction; agriculture, including organic farming; and tourism projects which have included recreation, personal improvement, and health programs.

As well as being involved in the investment and development aspects of these lines of business, Plamen has also been closely involved in feasibility studies. He has analyzed the immediate and long-term success profiles of these projects which, in turn, have given him an in-depth understanding of their associated legal aspects. Add all of these elements together, and we know our clients, who want to investigate citizenship by investment in the EU, have a real expert to call on.

When Plamen is not working for clients his favorite leisure activities are all to do with reading, traveling and enjoying time with his family.

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