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Vicky Katsarova

CEO & President

The company’s international team of investment and citizenship experts is headed by Ms. Vicky Katsarova. Vicky is a true citizen of the world. She was born and raised in Bulgaria, and spent 10 years living and working in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. She founded High Net Worth Immigration in 2010 while in Abu Dhabi, before moving on in 2012 and making Nova Scotia, Canada, her world headquarters.

Vicky often says “My world travels and my own immigration experiences have given me a deep understanding and clear insight into each of our clients’ specific requirements, aspirations and concerns. It is this intense personal association with client expectations and needs that helps to set our company and our service apart.”

When Vicky is not working with clients, she explores new citizenship and residency opportunities to ensure that the team offers every worthwhile investment and immigration option to their clients. New investment opportunities arise; tax, residency and immigration laws change; so Vicky and her team make sure they are fully competent in every detail.

In her free time, Vicky loves spending time with her family, traveling the world, skiing, reading, and listening to music. She also teaches meditation classes to her students in Halifax, NS. As one might expect of such an internationalist as Vicky, her musical interests range from classical to flamenco and from ethno-dub to ambient sounds that assist with meditation. Her book choices, again, are varied and include English and American classics, and the works of the Bulgarian philosopher Beinsa Douno.
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Vicky Katsarova is part of CIVITAS POST's special edition called “Leading Women,” it spotlights female entrepreneurs and leaders in the investment migration industry.

Vicky Katsarova is a Uglobal Writers Council Member and content contributor to the UNIQUE Private Jet Magazine.

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