Dual or multiple citizenship offers a world of benefits.

It provides peace of mind and security when dealing with times of political instability or natural disasters. It provides tax benefits, the best educational opportunities, greater banking privacy and visa-free travel. And most importantly, it grants you the mobility to fully attain personal freedom and a higher quality of life for you and your loved ones. 

At High Net-Worth Immigration, we offer a range of citizenship-by-investment programs which enable you to legally apply for irrevocable citizenship and passport in another country.

Our global residence and citizenship programs portfolio consists of the following countries: 

  • The UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, and Hungary
  • The US, and Canada
  • St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, and Dominica

Achieve your individual and family security, personal freedom and international mobility with High Net Worth Immigration!

  • An immigration service with high proficiency. That is what High Net worth Immigrations services is. Me and my wife were very cautious about choosing which agency to do us the service, then we realized that we had the right agencywith no hidden agendas or extra fees.Thank you lovely Vicky! Getting residency was very smooth.
    - Ihab B.
  • We had used High Net Worth Immigration as our legal counselor for obtaining the at Kitts and Nevis passport which they have successfully completed in very short time and very effective way. Our experience with High Net Worth Immigration has been exemplary and they have provided a great level of services that match no other as well as a record time in obtaining the St. Kitts passport. We highly recommend High Net Worth Immigration for their professionalism and great services.
    - Lina N.
  • The consultant who assists me in the application is very responsive and knowledgeable in the area. I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone who wishes to engage her for the services.
    - BK Cheng
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Rich Background in File Processing

An extensive background in citizenship-by-investment files processing, immigration law, and visa policy issues is a valuable addition to our work.

We Know How

Result Oriented Strategy

We know the key factors required for a successful citizenship–by-investment application process. 

Clients First!

Focus on Your Needs

We work closely with each one of our clients, developing long-lasting relationships throughout the entire citizenship application process.


FREE eBook: 

Residency & Citizenship by Investment Programs - 2016 Overview


This eBook will give you information about the residency and citizenship by investment programs available at the moment in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and Asia and Oceania.

You will learn also about:

 Reasons for Second Citizenship

  1. Practical benefits of residency or citizenship by investment
  2. The difference between citizenship and residency
  3. Factors to consider when you choose the right investor program for yourself
  4. The basic application process 

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