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How Real Estate Investment Can Help You Secure Dual Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda

    The desire to obtain dual citizenship holds immense potential for extraordinary opportunities. Many individuals share the dream of obtaining a second passport, granting them the key to exploring new territories, embracing diverse cultures, and unlocking promising economic opportunities.

    Among the vast array of choices, the sun-drenched paradise of Antigua and Barbuda stands out, luring with its unspoiled beaches, vibrant culture, and a distinct path to dual citizenship through real estate investment.

    Introducing Verandah Estates, an exclusive 25-acre gated community surrounded by lively hotels, restaurants, beaches, and bars. This luxurious development caters to Antigua's elite and can also become your investment residence. By investing in Verandah Estates, you not only gain complete freehold ownership of both the land and villa but also secure a prime location on Long Bay Beach. The property comes fully furnished and ready for occupancy.

    Additionally, Verandah Estates offers optional rental programs if you choose to generate income rather than using the property as your primary residence. In such a case, no holding expenses will be applicable.

    If this opportunity aligns with your interests, we invite you to read further as we explore all the details about this remarkable real estate investment prospect in Antigua and Barbuda.


    Discover the Insider's Guide to Investing in Verandah Estates

    1. What is the long-term vision for this project?

    Verandah Estates is a secure investment opportunity offered by Elite Island Resorts Group, the premier resort developer in the Caribbean. With a remarkable history spanning over three decades, Elite has consistently demonstrated its expertise in developing and managing exceptional resort and residential communities across the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean.

    This project aims to transform the Verandah neighbourhood into a prestigious village of the utmost quality. The Verandah Resort & Spa, an expansive establishment in itself, boasts an array of upscale features such as villas, fine dining venues, stylish bars, inviting pools, pristine beaches, a dedicated kids club, a well-equipped gym, an engaging games area, and much more.

    Adjacent to the Verandah Resort & Spa, Elite Island Resorts constructed an exclusive luxury eco-friendly resort known as the Verandah Estates residential community. Complementing this, additional amenities like a supermarket and other essential facilities are being developed to cater to the village’s needs. Furthermore, Elite Island Resorts has ambitious plans to extend the Verandah Estates, further advancing the residential project.

    This collective initiative of present and future development is set to significantly enhance the value of nearby properties, including the exquisite Verandah Estates villas.

    2. Who are the expected tenants for this project?

    Antigua currently faces a shortage of housing options suitable for mid and high-income professionals residing on the island.

    Often overlooked due to its reputation as a prominent financial hub for the area, Antigua and Barbuda houses numerous banks, accounting firms, and insurance companies, employing a considerable workforce. Furthermore, expatriate executives from prominent telecommunications, utilities, and hotel companies also require suitable accommodation.

    Recognizing the pressing need, Elite Island Resort, which possesses hotels and a substantial hypermarket, is prepared to lease some of its villas to cater to the housing requirements of its own executives.

    3. What is the anticipated duration of each rental agreement?

    The anticipated duration of client engagements ranges from one to five years, with a significant proportion of these clients being esteemed corporate entities. Such corporate clients are highly desirable as long-term tenants.

    4. What is the projected monthly rental income?

    The rental rates for the Verandah Estates villas range from $1,500 to $2,500, but it is crucial to regularly review and adjust the prices to align with market rates and conditions. This ensures that the rental properties remain competitive and meet industry standards.

    5. What is included in the purchase of this property?

    Each villa offers a comprehensive array of amenities, including:

    • Access to a gated community with round-the-clock security, providing a safe and secure living environment;
    • A beautiful wood deck that enhances outdoor living spaces;
    • Major appliances in a sleek white finish, including a refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, oven, stove, washer, and dryer;
    • Curtains to enhance privacy and add an aesthetic touch;
    • An air conditioning unit to ensure optimal comfort in all seasons;
    • A splash pool for leisurely enjoyment;
    • A tastefully furnished package, complete with an entertainment center and flat-screen TV in both the living room and master bedroom;
    • A spacious living area to accommodate comfortable gatherings;
    • A fully equipped kitchen with countertops for culinary endeavors;
    • Thoughtfully selected lighting fixtures to create a warm and inviting ambiance;
    • An en-suite bathroom attached to the master bedroom for added convenience;
    • Plumbing fixtures that meet high-quality standards.

    6. What is the level of security provided in this community?

    It is worth emphasizing that Antigua maintains a commendable reputation for being a safe country with a low crime rate. In alignment with this, the entire Verandah development and its surroundings are equipped with comprehensive security measures. This includes 24-hour security personnel, a gated development ensuring controlled access, and a dedicated entrance where guests are registered. 

    These measures provide residents and visitors with an enhanced sense of safety and peace of mind within the Verandah community.

    7. Can I register this house under a holding company?

    Certainly, we can help you with that process too.

    8. Will I receive returns on my investment in Verandah Estates?

    By participating in the rental program and placing your villa in it, you can expect to receive a return on investment (ROI) of approximately 3.5% per year.

    9. What are the advantages of participating in the rental program as an investor?

    The rental program at Verandah Estates offers investors:

    • Hassle-free ownership experience with professional property management;
    • Property value enhancement through meticulous maintenance;
    • Additional return on investment through rental income;
    • Zero holding expenses, relieving them of financial obligations.

    10. Is there an exit strategy available?

    As part of the Verandah Estates offering, homeowners have the benefit of selling their houses within a five-year timeframe, aiming for a minimum target price of $450,000. However, if the villa is sold for a price lower than $450,000 and the owner agrees to the sale, Verandah Estates will generously waive any associated fees or commissions typically charged for the resale. This provides homeowners with added flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to their investment in Verandah Estates.

    11. As an owner of a Verandah Estates villa, am I allowed to use the amenities of Verandah Resort & Spa?

    Verandah Estates’ residents can access the diverse range of facilities and amenities offered at the Verandah Resort & Spa. By residing in their Verandah Estates villa, residents can enjoy these amenities at the same price as regular resort guests. 

    12. What makes Verandah Estates the premier choice for real estate investment in Antigua?

    Verandah Estates stands as the premier real estate investment opportunity in Antigua for several compelling reasons:

    1. El​​ite Island Resorts, known for its unrivaled reputation and accomplishments as a leading developer in the Caribbean, is behind this project. Their commitment to long-term success and investor satisfaction is unparalleled.
    2. This investment presents a hassle-free, turn-key solution managed by a group of trusted companies. Investors can rely on the expertise and reliability of the involved entities.
    3. Investors gain full ownership with a freehold title to both the land and villa. This is not a time-sharing arrangement or divided shares but a valuable asset with a complete title deed, making it the most desirable form of ownership.
    4. Verandah Estates offers a clear and realistic exit strategy. With a target sale price of at least $450,000 within five years, investors have a concrete expectation of returns. In the event that the target price cannot be met, Verandah Estates waives any fees or commissions on the sale, providing additional peace of mind.
    5. Buyers benefit from a reduced purchase tax of only 2.5%, negotiated down from the standard 7.5%, optimizing the investment value.
    6. This is not merely a visionary project; it is already in motion with completed villas and a thriving community. Residents are already enjoying the benefits of Verandah Estates.
    7. Boasting an exceptional location, Verandah Estates is situated adjacent to the luxurious Verandah Resort & Spa, a national park, outstanding restaurants, and arguably Antigua's finest beach. This strategic placement enhances the desirability and long-term value of the investment.
    8. With established marketing offices in the USA and the UK, the developer possesses a proven track record in successfully marketing hotel and residential properties throughout the Caribbean. This guarantees the success of the rental program and facilitates the future sale of homes within the five-year timeframe.

    Take Advantage of this Investment Opportunity Now

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