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Do You Have a Second Passport?

    Finding your way in the world is tough; there are always challenges all around you, which can sometimes set you back a step. The last thing you need is to be tripped up by formalities like your passport being the cause for long lines, headaches, delay, and more. One thing many people are doing is getting second passport from other countries. However, how does one obtain a dual citizenship? What might be the advantages of getting a second passport? Why take the time to do this at all? 

    Why Get a Second Passport?

    Maybe the biggest question you would have before you would even think of getting a second passport is why would I do this? What is the advantage to me? Well, there are some advantages. 

    • If you find yourself traveling internationally to certain countries more often than others having a second passport into that nation will grant you something of a “home field” status, which will give you a decided advantage against other international travelers. 
    • Of course, international travel can be dicey; handling your US passport only you may have noticed that you have been treated differently in certain destination nations or by certain officials. If you have a passport of a nation towards which the nation you’re visiting has a “friendly” relationship or at least a neutral feeling about, that may save you from any travel hiccoughs. 
    • If you have work that is being done in a foreign nation of which you are a sovereign, you can step right up and into that working partnership without delay. 
    • Another real benefit for many individuals is that your affairs won’t be so closely scrutinized if you are holding a passport for the nation in which you are visiting. Having privacy and discretion is of the utmost importance to most of us; having a passport from a nation foreign to the one you are visiting can only raise the specter of suspicion.
    • If you are trying to shield some of your travel from the eyes of the nation you are visiting having certain passports you use when traveling to different countries can save you much trouble.

    How to Get a Second Passport?

    If you had thought that getting a second passport might be something that’s difficult, you have nothing much to worry about. If you have any heritage from a specific nation (parents, grandparents) then getting dual citizenship isn’t too much of an issue.

    Going back even further nations like Britain, Italy, Ireland, and Germany are all genuinely fairly forthcoming in offering passports to US citizens who can claim their ancestry.

    Find out about the particular proofs and qualifiers in whichever nation you are seeking citizenship.

    Who: If you have ever felt discrimination when traveling internationally then you may be wise to try and pick up a second passport. It may even behoove the international traveler to try and get more than a second passport if you find yourself globe hopping in a variety of settings.

    Individuals concerned with safety may also be wise to handle their passport selection gingerly. Whether it is for you or someone else in your family, you all should have the same advantages. 

    When: If you find yourself on foreign shores fairly regularly it may be a smart decision to try and get out in front of any potential issues by getting a second passport. The time to do anything involving safety, privacy, convenience, and not being tied down to any one institution is as good a reason as any to want to do something like getting a second passport now

    Don’t be a victim. Having a second passport at the ready can make all the difference in the world.   

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