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Dominica Vs St. Kitts Passport - Which One is Better?

    Two countries that can provide immediate citizenship for investment contributions are St Kitts and Nevis and the Commonwealth of Dominica. These two countries are situated in the Eastern Caribbean, and both used to be British colonies. 

    Dominica Economic Citizenship Program

    The Economic Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program started in 1992. For individual qualification, to obtain citizenship and passport, there is a requirement to make a donation to the government of US$ 100,000. The family investment options with Dominica economic citizenship program are:

    • Family Application One (Main applicant and spouse)  - Qualifying non-refundable investment of US$175,000
    • Family Application Two (Main applicant, spouse, and two children below the age of 18 years) - Qualifying non-refundable investment of $200,000
    • Family Application Three (Main applicant, spouse, and three children below the age of 18 years) - Qualifying non-refundable investment of $200,000 (plus $25,000 for each additional dependent that is not a spouse)

    This payment is made, only after your application has been approved by the Dominica immigration authorities.

    The cost for legal/processing will depend on the number of people included under the same citizenship application. Due diligence fees of $4,000 should be paid for each person above 16 years of age, included in the citizenship application.

    St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Scheme

    St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program started in 1984. There are two alternatives – real estate and cash contribution options.

    The real estate option has a minimum investment prerequisite of $400.000, which has to be invested in a qualifying real estate project.  Your citizenship application must be approved before you invest. Sundry extras for legal work and due diligence will come on top of the original fee.

    The scheme gives individuals and married couples and their children who have not attained the age of 18, citizenship. Children aged 18 to 25 who are full-time university students and adult dependent children or parents above the age of 65 will also qualify under St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investment program.

    The charitable contribution opportunity has the required payment set to at least $250,000 for a single applicant to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF). The family investment options with St Kitts citizenship program are:

    • Single Applicant - $150,000
    • Applicant with no more than three dependents - $195,000
    • Additional dependent, regardless of age - $10,000

    You should consider an additional supplement for government, legal/processing, and due diligence fees, which again will depend on the number of applying individuals.

    Applicants must be approved before making their investment.

    St Kitts and Nevis citizenship scheme offers citizenship and passport normally in less than six months, whilst for Dominica, the procedure is slightly longer, and can take up to 9 months after your application has been presented.

    The procedure is quicker in St Kitts and Nevis because there is no requirement for an on-site interview with the prospective candidate.

    St Kitts and Nevis citizenship scheme is more expensive than Dominica’s scheme. To apply for citizenship and second passport in Dominica will have an overall cost of about 40% less than for St Kitts.  If you are not able to afford St Kitts and Nevis option, then Dominica is a good viable alternative.

    St Kitts has a visa-free entry, or visa upon-arrival agreements with more than 130 countries. Dominica has visa links with 100 countries; however, the good news here is that Dominica passport holders can travel visa-free to the Schengen countries from April 2013.

    The citizenship scheme in Dominica is solely based on a contribution paid by the applicant or applicants. St Kitts and Nevis passport gives the opportunity to buy qualifying real estate and have return over the invested amount.

    For anybody looking to put together investment in offshore real estate with second citizenship and passport, then St Kitts and Nevis citizenship program would be the logical choice.

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    Are you eligible to apply for second citizenship and passport?

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