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8 Quick Facts About Dominica that you Didn't Know!

    1. This Caribbean nation, The Commonwealth of Dominica, is not the popular tourist destination that first comes to mind; The Dominican Republic is the one popping up first. All right, you knew that. Just for extra clarity: the distance between their respective capital cities, Roseau and Santo Domingo, is 976 kilometers (or 607 miles or 527 nautical miles).

    2. English is the primary language in Dominica. You knew that, too? Wow, you're good.

    3. The entire country's population is fewer than 73,000 people: the size of a medium town, in most parts of the world; they form a total of 10 parishes.

    4. Christopher Columbus named the island after the day of the week on which he spotted it, a Sunday (dominica in Latin), November 3, 1492. Its original name was “Wai‘tu kubuli, which means “Tall is her body”.

    5. Dominica is home to the world's second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake, situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park - a World Heritage Site.

    6. One American dollar = 2.7 Dominica (East Caribbean) dollars.

    7. Dominica is a beneficiary of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) that grants duty-free entry into the United States for many goods.

    8. Dominica has tried to expand its base by building up offshore financial services.

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