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How Long is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Processing Time?

    The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) attracts many potential High Net Worth Individuals from around the world. When we sit down with clients to discuss this program, one of the first questions they often ask is, "How long is the Canada Investor Visa processing time?" QIIP applicants go through two levels, the Quebec Province level and Canada’s Federal level.

    To start, if you’re not yet familiar with the basic details of Canadian investor immigration, you can find more information about the Quebec Investor Program on our website.

    The maximum number of applicants has been set at 1,900. However, it should be noted that applicants who have an advanced intermediate competency in the French language are not subject to this limit and will receive priority processing.

    Previously, processing times were determined by the particular visa office handling the application. This year, the times will be determined by three main factors:

    • The applicant’s country of domicile, as entered on their application for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ, also referred to as the Certificat de Sélection du Quebec)
    • The number of applications received from that country, and
    • The applicant’s French language skills

    The Federal level, processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), may see reductions in the actual processing time, because CIC may move applications from one office to another, anywhere it chooses, in order to maximize processing efficiency. This step currently takes 44 months, and begins after the CSQ step is complete.


    Estimated Canada Investor Visa Processing Times for CSQs

    The processing times vary according to the three factors listed above. In addition, there are 3 steps to CSQ application and processing, and each step has its own time frame. Current time frames for particular countries may be checked by visiting this Quebec government site.

    The 3 steps include:

    1. Document Verification: This step typically takes 4 months for North and South American and European applicants, 32 months for some African countries' applicants, and 55 months for Australian applicants.
    2. Preliminary Review: This step typically takes between 1 and 3 months for all applicants.
    3. Selection Review: This step typically takes between 1 and 9 months for all applicants.

    The QIIP is very popular, and it attracts applicants from every continent. As discussed, three major factors affect processing times to issue the CSQ. However, those times may vary as the program progresses. Once the CSQ has been issued, the Federal Step will begin. Currently, the Federal step takes 44 months.

    We are eager to advise and to guide applicants through this process. To set up an initial consultation, please contact us. We look forward to working with you and to taking your application through to successful completion.

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