Grenada Extends its Citizenship Program to More Applicants


    Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) may be younger than some of its Caribbean counterparts, but don’t let that fool you. It’s already ranked above any other CIP in the Caribbean, and with its most recent round of enhancements, will only continue to grow in popularity. We’ve summarized this recent updates to the Grenada CIP below.

     Improvements to the Grenada CIP


    1. Thomas Anthony is now the new CEO of the Grenada CIP unit, bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and many new ideas for improving the program.
    2. Qualifications for dependents have been expanded to include more family members in an application:
    3. Investors can now include their siblings who are unmarried and without children.
    4. Parent dependents of the primary applicant no longer need to financially dependent on the investor to be qualified.
    5. Dependent children over 18 years are no longer required to be enrolled in college/university.
    6. Secondary purchasers of real estate units in approved CBI projects will be eligible to obtain citizenship.

    All of these improvements are great news for interested investors. They essentially mean that more people can be included in an application (with no additional investment) and that these applications will be processed more quickly.


    Citizenship by Investment in Grenada


    Grenada is a beautiful island with one of the best CIPs in the Caribbean. It has several different citizenship by investment opportunities, advantageous visa treaties with both the US and China, and a wealth of financial, lifestyle and business-oriented benefits.


    Investment options include:

    1.  A non-refundable contribution to The National Transformation Fund (NTF), which finances various projects in Grenada that benefit tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy.
    2.  Investing in government-approved real-estate development projects such as hotels, villas and resorts, and many others.


    Become a citizen of Grenada


    The perfect setting for adventure, leisure and business, Grenada is an aromatic paradise with stunning natural beauty, picturesque beaches, and a vibrant lifestyle. A prime destination in the Caribbean, Grenadian citizenship offers many benefits to its investors. Second citizenship by Investment in Grenada is an ideal pathway to expand your mobility, protect your wealth, increase your freedom and enhance your quality of life. 


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