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All you need to know about Grenada Passport Photo Requirements

    Grenada Passport Photo Guidance

    Passports are an essential part of your application.  It is essential for you to supply photos that are suitable and meet the required standards or your passports will be delayed.

    Please follow the instructions below so you can get it right. 

    Photo Style

    The photo must be of the applicant and must be:

     - Facing forward and looking straight at the camera.
     - With a neutral expression and with the mouth closed.
     - With eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair across the eyes)
     - without hat or head bands, the portrait shall show the applicant looking directly at the camera
     - have appropriate brightness and contrast if in colour, it should show skin tones naturally.
     - Free from reflection or glare on glasses so glasses should be removed for the photo
     - Showing their full head, without any head covering, unless they wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons
     - With no other objects or people in the photo
     - Without shadows on the picture
     - Without anything covering the face – nothing should cover the outline of the eyes, nose or mouth
     - Not showing any ‘red eye’.



    Size of the photographs shall not be longer than 45x35mm (1.77x1.38

    ins) nor smaller than 32x26mm

    (1.26x1.02in) in height and width.

     Photos for Grenada Passport.jpg

     (Must be taken within the last six months)

    Photo Quality

    • The portrait must be printed on high quality, normal thin photographic paper and must
    • not be glazed on the reverse side.
    • Be clear and in sharp focus
    • Must not be torn, creased or marked
    • Not have any writing except the certification at the back.

    Photo of Minors

    Exception is made for children five and under

    • No need to have a neutral expression
    • Not required to look directly into the camera
    • Babies do not need to have their eyes open
    • where baby head needs to be supported, the hand must not appear in the photo.

    Newest Addition to the Grenadian Passport Visa-Free Countries - Russia

    Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program has added yet another visa-free country to its list of around 120 travel alliances. On September 20th, Russia and Grenada signed an agreement that waives visa requirements between the two countries for visits lasting up to 90 days. Additionally, The Embassy of Grenada recently opened in Russia, appointing its first Caribbean ambassador.  

    A strategic alliance, both Russia and Grenada look forward to the new development in their diplomatic relations, and also see the evolving relationship as a means for cultural exchange between these two very different parts of the world. The visa-waiver agreement in particular provides an opportunity to further business, investment, and entrepreneurial opportunities between the two nations.

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