Canada immigrant investor program was first launched in the province of Quebec in 1986. The Federal government of Canada introduced a separate program in 1999.

Since then, the investor immigration programs have been gaining popularity among high net worth individuals who are perusing better lifestyles and better business opportunities.

*Note: High Net Worth Immigration offers Quebec Immigrant Investor Program in cooperation with ARTON INVESTISSEMENTS - government approved financial institution. Client’s files are reviewed and approved by the Arton's legal advisers.


Why Choose Canada?

Canada is rated as one of the best countries in which to live. It is one of the three countries on the North American continent. It is bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans to the east, west and north, and shares a common border with the USA to the south.

Canada divides into 10 provinces, of which Quebec is one, and 3 territories. It is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

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Canada has two official languages – English and French. Approximately 20% of its 35.8 million population claim French as their mother-tongue, and 60% claim English. Approximately 75% of the population live within 161 kilometers (100 miles) of the American border.

Canada’s advanced economy is ranked as 11th in the world, and its nominal per capita income is ranked 10th. The country’s economy is growing, and is based, primarily on energy production, mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Its three main international trading partners are the USA, Europe, and China.

Canada maintains a positive balance of trade. Canada is a member of many international organizations including the Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, North American Free Trade Area, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, the G8, Group of 10 and the G20, as well as Francophonie.

Canada is reputed to be the most tolerant country in the world, has the world’s most educated population, with 51% having graduated college. Its immigration policy is focused on further developing the country’s economy.

Consistently ranked by the United Nations as one of the best places to live in the world, Canada offers a safe social environment, a first-class educational system, and an accessible health care system.

Canada is a land of diverse communities and endless opportunities!

Benefits of Canadian Residency

There are many benefits, including most that are also shared by Canadian citizens. They include:

  • The right to live, work and travel throughout Canada
  • Enter, leave and return to Canada as desired (subject to certain physical presence requirements to maintain permanent residency status)
  • Make use of Canada’s universal healthcare system
  • Benefit from free public school education
  • Benefit from maternity and parental leave
  • Receive retirement and other benefits
  • Be able to apply for Canadian citizenship after 4 years 


Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship benefits include all those afforded to permanent residents plus:

  • Having no physical presence requirements
  • Enjoying visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 170 countries, including the USA, and all Commonwealth nations
  • The privilege of holding dual citizenship (provided the country of origin permits this status)
  • Being able to hold public office, and to vote in public elections 



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