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10 Questions About Citizenship by Investment You Are Afraid to Ask

    Are you considering the possibility of obtaining Citizenship by Investment (CBI) but are intimidated by the numerous unknown aspects associated with it? You are not alone in this predicament.

    In recent times, CBI programs have gained significant popularity as a means of securing second citizenship in return for an investment. With numerous advantages, such as enhanced travel prospects, quality education, and premium healthcare, it is not surprising that a lot of people are interested in CBI. However, the procedure can be complicated and confusing, leaving many with lingering questions that they may be reluctant to ask.

    To address this issue, we have compiled a comprehensive article that answers ten of the most frequently asked questions regarding CBI. This article aims to dispel any confusion and provide a better understanding of CBI programs, helping you make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.

    1. Under what conditions can citizenship be revoked?

    The conditions under which CBI can be revoked may vary from country to country and can be subject to change. Nevertheless, as a general principle, CBI may be revoked if the investor is involved in fraudulent or criminal behavior, poses a threat to the host country’s national security, fails to adhere to the residency requirements for citizenship, or provides false or misleading information during the application process.

    2. Is it possible to obtain citizenship with a criminal record, and if so, under what circumstances?

    Under special requirements outlined by each country, obtaining second citizenship with a criminal record can be possible. For example, if the convicted individual has received a pardon, they will be eligible to apply for Citizenship by Investment.

    In situations where a pardon was not granted, but the conviction did not result in a sentence of over six months imprisonment, the individual may still be eligible to apply for CBI. Sometimes the offence can result in paying a fine and not imprisonment; the client can still apply.

    3. How can one legally change their name after obtaining citizenship?

    Changing your name is possible once you get citizenship approval, and before the new passport is issued; the applicant must request that. For detailed information, you must consult the official sources of the country you are applying in, as the cost and the process may vary.

    4. Will the country granting citizenship inform my current country of my new citizenship status?

    The notification of an individual's change in citizenship status to their home country is contingent upon the laws and regulations of both the country of origin and the country granting Citizenship through Investment.

    Some nations have established mutual agreements for the exchange of information regarding changes in citizenship. Additionally, several CBI programs may require renunciation of an individual's original citizenship in order to acquire a second one. It is important that an applicant thoroughly examines the official regulations and requirements prior to submitting a citizenship application.

    5. Can a bank account be opened under the new passport?

    Absolutely! Investors who have obtained a second passport in their host country are entitled to full access to all banking services. Holding second citizenship confers equal benefits to the individual as those enjoyed by the local citizens.

    6. Can I get a residency permit in any country under my passport?

    Yes, you can obtain a residency permit in another country using your new passport. The requirements and procedures for getting residency may differ from country to country and are governed by each nation's immigration laws. It is, therefore, important to research and understand the specific requirements of the country in question before attempting to obtain a residency permit.

    7. Do I need to have the full payment to get started?

    While it varies depending on the unique CBI Program, as a general rule, you must pay a deposit to commence your application for Citizenship by Investment. When you are approved, you must pay the remaining balance as well as any administrative fees.

    8. Is citizenship by investment legal?

    Contrary to popular belief, Citizenship by Investment programs are legitimate and offer genuine citizenship in exchange for a significant financial investment. These programs not only provide numerous benefits and opportunities for investors and their families but also contribute to the host country's economic growth and development. 

    The host country's laws back the legitimacy of CBI programs, and the government conducts thorough background checks and due diligence to ensure that only eligible and legitimate investors are granted citizenship.

    9. Can I invest in any citizenship by investment programs using cryptocurrency?

    Currently, no Citizenship-by-Investment programs accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, as a direct form of payment for the application process. However, there are Citizenship-by-Investment consultancy firms that offer the exchange of cryptocurrencies into United States dollars (USD) as a service to facilitate a streamlined experience for the applicant.

    It should be noted that there is speculation that some countries may legally recognize cryptocurrencies as a form of tender in the near future, potentially in March 2023.

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    10. Will I be treated fairly and not be labelled a ‘money launderer,’ and will travel with this passport be smooth?

    As long as your citizenship is acquired through legitimate means and you comply with applicable laws, you should not face discrimination or travel obstacles. Please note that the ease of travel can depend on your criminal history, country of origin, and destination.

    Wrapping Up

    Here you have it – the 10 most frequently asked questions regarding Citizenship by Investment programs. We hope that this article has effectively addressed any doubts or concerns you may have had about these investment opportunities that can provide you with second citizenship.

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