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Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro at Glance

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 
    ― Charles Dickens

    This famous quote quite aptly reflects the message of this year’s Global Citizen Forum in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.

    The Global Citizen Forum is an annual non-profit gathering whose purpose is to create an opportunity for industry leaders and influential global citizens to meet, network, exchange ideas, and explore new ways that global citizens can contribute to the society at large.  


    Highlights of the Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro 2017

    The 2-day event focuses on discussing global challenges prevalent in today’s world, while fostering relationships that can generate creative solutions to global causes. This is achieved through empowering presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions.

    Attendees are global thought leaders including heads of state, ambassadors, delegates, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, wealth and estate managers, banking and finance sector specialists, immigration and citizenship planning experts, and celebrities, among others. The idea is that the joined forces of these global thinkers and leaders can inspire change and create significant impacts on the rest of society.

    The 2017 Global Citizen Forum included distinguished individuals including:

    • Robert DeNiroOscar winning actor and philanthropist
    • Noella Coursaris Musunka, founder of Malaika foundation
    • Akon – singer and founder of Akon Lighting Africa
    • Eve -Grammy Award-winning hip hop star and supporter of Malaika foundation
    • Cherie Blair - Barrister and Activist
    • Nouriel Roubini - Chairman and CEO of Roubini Macro Associates
    • Robin Sharma - Author and Leadership Expert
    • Oliviero Toscani - Photographer

    This year’s forum honed in on global issues concerning residency and citizenship, as well as raising awareness and funding for disaster relief from the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The goal is to help rebuild the Caribbean islands that were struck by the recent hurricanes.

    The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, delivered a keynote address about Global Citizen Action: Rebuilding Shattered Communities, which focused on the devastation in the Caribbean caused by the hurricanes. Robert DeNiro also discussed his involvement in restoring Barbuda and helping to rebuild the island and its infrastructure.

    Other updates included new CIP programs on the horizon for Montenegro, Armenia, and Moldova.

    We also touched on issues such as global migration trends, government policies, second residence and citizenship planning strategies, and how to better serve high net worth individuals.

     “The Global Citizen Foundation is a result of the strong belief of Mr. Armand Arton that the prosperity of one individual, one company, or one nation is interdependent with the prosperity of others. By giving, we gain, and we help build a sustainable future for the generations to come. – Global Citizen Forum

    We’ve returned from this forum feeling hopeful, inspired, and motivated to help the world at large, starting with our clients of course! Please enjoy High Net Worth Immigration founder’s personal reflection of the event below:

    "Being with all these incredible people, I feel that I've glimpsed around me a small version of the society in the way it should be - kind and nice people, everybody smiling and ready to help the person next to him/her.

    I believe one day, this small model will be applicable to the entire planet Earth.

    Fantastic event, amazing people! Grateful to be part of the Global Citizen's Family." - Vicky Katsarova

    H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani-and-vicky-katsarova.jpg

    H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, Member of the Royal Family of Qatar






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