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Greece Digital Nomad Visa: Everything You Need to Know

    Recently, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of European countries issuing digital nomad visas (DNV). According to Forbes, remote work is predicted to increase in 2023, presenting a fantastic opportunity for individuals seeking to relocate to another country.

    Greece, a majestic nation in southeastern Europe, is among the numerous countries luring international remote employees and freelancers.

    Announced in 2021 as part of the Greek government's “Work from Paradise” initiative, the Greece Digital Nomad Visa comes with several benefits and requirements that are reasonably easy to fulfill. 

    Thus, if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of this attractive European digital nomad visa, stick to the end of this article.


    What Exactly is the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

    The Greece Digital Nomad Visa is a temporary residency permit that allows the applicant and qualifying dependents to legally reside within the Greek territory while working as a freelancer or an employee for a foreign company. The special residency permit is initially issued for two years and can be renewed for two additional years.

    The Benefits of Greece Digital Nomad Visa

    If Greece is already on your radar, you probably do not need to be persuaded to jump at this opportunity. But, if you are still wondering what the advantages of this DNV are, we will go through some of the most important ones with you.

    1. Permission to Stay Longer in the Country Compared to the Tourist Visa

    Unlike the tourist visa issued for short-term stays, Greece Digital Nomad Visa is approved for two years and can be renewed for 24 months. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the Greek lifestyle while exploring Europe visa-free.

    In fact, Greece DNV entitles you to a temporary residency permit which allows you to legally reside in the European Union and enjoy the many benefits of a European residency.

    2. Visa-Free Travel Across the Schengen and the EU

    One of the most prominent perks of Greece DNV is that you can visit other European and Schengen countries without needing to apply for a separate visa.

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    3. Your Family Is Welcome to Join You

    Another great advantage of Greece DNV is that your family can come with you. This includes your legal partner OR spouse and dependent children under 18.

    4. An Affordable and Culturally Rich Destination

    Lastly, the country's cultural scene, natural beauty, and pleasant Mediterranean climate are among the most significant factors you should consider.

    The country's distinctive morphology of 6,000 islands spread across Greek waters fascinates even the savviest tourists, while world-famous landmarks such as the Pantheon never fail to astonish. Greece is truly a remarkable and safe destination to reside in!


    Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

    Like any other European Digital Nomad Visa, you must meet specific requirements stipulated by each host country.

    In the case of Greece, the Digital Nomad Visa eligibility requirements are as follows:

    • You must work for a business or with clients situated outside of Greece.
    • You cannot work for a company registered in Greece.
    • You must prove that you generate at least €3,500/month after tax.
    • If you bring dependents, they must apply for a Greek residency permit; however, they cannot work or do business in the country. Moreover, if you come with a partner, you must turn over €3,500/month after-tax + 20%, while for each dependent child under 18, you must generate an additional 15% of income.
    • You must be working remotely using information and telecommunication technologies.
    • If you are self-employed, you are asked to provide documents stipulating your business activity, corporate purpose, and business address which cannot be in Greece.

    Who Can Apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

    Greece Digital Nomad Visa is available to individuals from outside the European Union and EEA who wish to reside in the country while working remotely for a foreign company. 

    That being said, if you are a citizen of the European Union, you cannot apply for this visa since you can reside, study, and work in Greece under the Free Movement Agreement.

    How to Apply for a Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

    First and foremost, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and income requirements determined by Greek immigration authorities.

    Once you have established your eligibility, it is time to gather all the necessary documents for your DNV application, such as:

    • Declaration of intention to stay in the country;
    • Proof of employment with an employer registered outside of Greece OR company registration documents if you are self-employed;
    • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements or company account books);
    • Proof of payment for the application, which currently stands at €75.

    As part of the application process for the Digital Nomad Visa, you must also obtain the Greece Type D Visa. For this visa, you are required to complete an application form, provide your valid passport, and other documents, including:

    • Proof of accommodation (a rental agreement or deeds of property ownership);
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover minimal living expenses during the stay;
    • Comprehensive medical insurance;
    • Clean criminal record certificate;
    • A medical certificate to prove that you are fit and healthy;
    • Other documents as deemed appropriate by Greek immigration authorities.

    Secure Greece Digital Nomad Visa With Us

    Greece Digital Nomad Visa is a fast-track option to secure residency in Europe. Nevertheless, we understand that collecting the required documents and navigating the bureaucratic process for busy professionals like yourself could be time-consuming.

    At High Net Worth Immigration, we work with digital nomads, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-net-worth individuals, helping them secure residencies and second passports worldwide. 

    If you would like to discuss your particular case to help you determine the easiest path to Greece Digital Nomad Visa or any other similar program, schedule a free consultation now!


    Greece Digital Nomad Visa FAQ

    Do You Need to Pay Taxes as a Digital Nomad in Greece?

    If you spend more than 183 days a year in Greece, you automatically become a tax resident, which means you must pay taxes on your worldwide income. Greece has a progressive tax system, with tax rates ranging from 18% to 45%. However, digital nomads in Greece can benefit from a 50% tax cut.

    Are Family Members Eligible for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

    Yes, family members are welcome to join you as part of your application for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa. Your legal partner or spouse and children under 18 years of age are eligible for the Greek residency permit. Please note that your dependents cannot work or conduct business in Greece.

    What Is the Cost of Living in Greece?

    Data suggests that Greece is 30% less expensive than other southern European nations, making it an extremely reasonable location for digital nomads who want to settle down in the country and enjoy its rich cultural attractions, nature, and sandy beaches. 

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