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Portugal Golden Visa: Hospitality Investment Fund Route

    We shared some news about Portugal’s Golden Visa program a while back: the real estate investment option was phased out. But don't worry, there are still great opportunities for those interested in this pathway. One promising avenue is investing in hospitality funds, set up by experienced real estate developers.

    So, if you're still keen on applying for Portugal's Golden Visa, you're in the right place. This article is all about how you can achieve permanent residency in Portugal by investing in hospitality funds.

    Here's a sneak peek at what we'll cover:

    • Recent changes to the Portuguese citizenship rules
    • Understanding Portugal’s Hospitality Investment Fund: What’s it all about?
    • The investment process: How does it work?
    • The perks: What benefits can you expect from your investment?
    • Planning your exit: What are your options down the line?

    Recent Changes to Portuguese Citizenship Rules

    Portugal's Golden Visa program has always been a draw for those looking to gain citizenship after living in the country for five years. In the past, a major problem was the processing delay for residence cards. Applicants could submit their applications early, but their residency period in Portugal only started counting from the day they actually received their residence card. This often caused unexpected delays in their journey to citizenship.

    Good news is on the horizon, though. The Portuguese government has recently made a significant change to this process. Now, the clock for the five-year residency requirement can start ticking from the moment you submit your application, not just when you get your residence card. This change is a game-changer for applicants, as it means your time waiting for the residence card to be processed will now count towards your citizenship residency requirement.

    So, here's how you can secure the Portuguese Golden Visa, which leads to citizenship, through investment in private equity funds.


    What Is the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund in Hospitality?

    Portugal's Hospitality Investment Fund is an investment model designed for those seeking a pathway to residency through the Golden Visa program. Unlike traditional real estate investments, this fund focuses on the booming hospitality sector, a pivotal part of Portugal's economy.

    Managed by a prominent real estate developer, these funds are invested in high-potential hospitality projects, including hotels and resorts across Portugal.


    How Does it Work?

    The investment process in the Portugal Hospitality Investment Fund is straightforward yet strategic. It involves an investment of €500,000 for a minimum of 6 years, which is channeled into a range of hospitality projects. These projects are carefully selected based on their potential for high returns and contribution to the local economy.

    As an investor, you'll hold shares/units in the fund, which in turn invests in various hospitality projects. This diversification not only spreads the risk but also enhances the potential for higher returns. Furthermore, the developer’s experience ensures that these projects are managed efficiently, aligning with the latest trends and market demands.


    Benefits of Investing in Hospitality Fund

    Investing in Portugal's Hospitality Investment Fund offers several benefits, including:

    • Residency and Citizenship: This investment qualifies you for Portugal's Golden Visa program, leading to residency and potentially citizenship, subject to fulfilling certain conditions.
    • Diversified Investment: The fund invests in a variety of hospitality projects, reducing risk through diversification and potentially increasing returns.
    • Return on Investment: The fund offers a 2% per year tax-free return on investment.
    • Guaranteed Buyback: After 6 years of holding the investment, the developer guarantees a buyback.
    • Hotel Stay: A free 7-day stay per year in one of the largest branded hotel groups in Portugal.
    • Transparent and Regulated: The investment process is transparent and regulated, offering security and peace of mind for investors.

    Exit Strategy

    The investors must hold the property for 6 years. After that, they have two primary options for the exit:

    Option I—Regular Income:

    This option provides a 2% fixed return paid out annually. There is a 'Guaranteed Buyback' after 6 years for the original amount, ensuring investors can exit the investment with the return of their principal amount.

    Option II—Capital Gain:

    This option accumulates returns that are paid upon exit, along with a 'Guaranteed Buyback'. The longer the investment is held, the higher the accrued returns:

    • Exit Year 8: Investors receive an accrued return of 16% plus a 2% bonus, totaling an 18% return.
    • Exit Year 10: The accrued return is 20% plus a 4% bonus, totaling a 24% return.
    • Exit Year 12: An accrued return of 24% plus a 6% bonus is provided, totaling a 30% return.

    The Bottom Line

    Investing in Portugal's Hospitality Investment Fund is a unique opportunity to not only gain residency in Portugal but also to become part of a thriving economic sector. With professional management, significant potential for returns, and a clear exit strategy, it's a promising avenue for investors looking to diversify their portfolios while enjoying the benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa program.

    Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of investment funds, the Portugal Hospitality Investment Fund presents an exciting opportunity to explore.

    Get in touch with our team today to find out more about this investment opportunity!


    FAQs About Hospitality Investment Fund in Portugal

    To qualify for the developer’s guaranteed buyback option, you need to hold your investment for at least 6 years.

    There is a 0.25% management fee. However, this fee is paid by the fund.

    Investing in Portugal's hospitality sector appears to be a promising choice, especially in light of the industry's recovery post-pandemic and the significant increase in hotel openings. Statista forecasts that the hotel market revenue in Portugal is set to reach around US$1.07 billion in 2024. Additionally, financial performance indicators like the average daily rate and revenue per available room in key cities, such as Lisbon and Porto, have demonstrated considerable growth. Overall, Portugal offers a strong investment opportunity in the hospitality sector.

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