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Portuguese Golden Visa: Available Investment Options in 2024

    The Portuguese Golden Visa program offers a unique pathway for high-net-worth individuals to enjoy Portugal's rich culture, stunning landscapes, and safety while also gaining residency in the European Union. Our team at High Net Worth Immigration is well-equipped to guide you through various options for obtaining Portuguese citizenship by investment (CBI).

    Recent legislative changes by the Portuguese parliament, aimed at addressing housing issues, initially raised concerns about the future of this program. Fortunately, these changes didn't eliminate the program but rather revised the types of qualifying investments. This is a positive development for those seeking Portuguese residency or citizenship, as numerous viable options remain.

    Thus, if you’re interested in exploring the available investment pathways, continue reading this article.


    Recap: What is Portugal’s Citizenship by Investment?

    Portugal's CBI program is a government initiative that primarily grants residency to those who significantly invest in the country's infrastructure or economy. To obtain Portuguese citizenship, an investor must reside in the country for a minimum of five years.

    For detailed information about the program, be sure to consult our comprehensive guide on Portugal.

    Now, let’s move on to the current investment options.

    Portugal’s Citizenship by Investment

    In general, citizenship by investment programs are government initiatives that grant citizenship to individuals who make a significant investment in the infrastructure or economy of a country.

    If you are looking for Portuguese citizenship, there are several options available. Their investment program is, however, a residency by investment program after which there are additional steps to attain full Portuguese citizenship. This requires 5 years of residency, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the plentiful benefits that Portuguese residency affords.

    Available Investment Options 

    Whilst the ability to attain the Portuguese Golden Visa by way of a real estate investment has been revoked, there is still a wealth of investment opportunities.

    Investment in Private Equity or Venture Capital

    This option has been available since 2018 and requires a minimum investment equivalent to €500,000 into a fund managed by either an external management firm, or one regulated by the Bank of Portugal, or the Portuguese Securities Market Commission. 

    Capital Transfer to a Portuguese Bank

    Another investment option for obtaining residency comes by way of capital transfer. You must transfer a minimum of €1.5 million to a bank domiciled in Portugal and be able to provide all the necessary documental proof in order to qualify.

    Job-Creating Investments

    This option exists to boost the job market in Portugal and has no minimum monetary investment. You must, however, create at least 10 jobs and provide proof that you are fulfilling the social security contributions for these employees. The employee minimum is reduced to 8 permanent positions if you invest in a low-density area.

    Investing in Portuguese Businesses

    This type of investment is intended to bolster existing businesses in the Portuguese commercial sector and must create at least 5 permanent jobs for a minimum of three years. The investment amount required is at least €500,000. 

    Donations Towards Portugal's National Heritage and Art

    Portugal accepts donations towards preserving or supporting its national heritage and art. The capital transfer must be of a minimum of €250,000 and be specifically earmarked for cultural projects.

    Funding Research Activities 

    To be able to qualify in this bracket, you must make a donation equivalent to a minimum of €500,000 to be used for research purposes in either the private or the public scientific research sector.


    Still Unsure? Ask the Experts

    As you can see, there are still plenty of avenues available for securing your Portuguese citizenship. To find the best one for you, consult with a team who can guide you every step of the way. We at High Net Worth Immigration offer personalized advice and end-to-end management of your citizenship and residency by investment process.


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