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Things to do in Sofia – Many Reasons Make it Worth a Visit

    Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria is the 15th largest city in the European Union and has a population of about 1.2 million people. Situated at the foot of Mount Vitosha, this Bulgarian city is linked by international routes with most of the capital cities of Europe via Ankara, Istanbul and also the Middle East.
    Besides the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria also has other breathtaking tourist destinations. Find more information on the Bulgarian passport or learn the country's customs and etiquette before you visit. 

    Best Places in Sofia

    A tourist can opt from different places of interest: vivid art galleries, trade and business centers, monuments, parks, casinos, night clubs and restaurant are located in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria offering a unique experience to any kind of visitor.

    Among them, the St. Alexander Nevski church is an autonomous Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral having the monument of the ‘Unknown Soldier’ with an eternal burning flame.

    Quite nearby to the cathedral are located the 4th- 6th century St. Sofia church, the National Gallery of Foreign Arts and the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Founded in 1906-07, this impossible-to-miss red and white National Theater is the place where Bulgarian and international plays are performed. Built in Baroque style, this theatre has umpteen Greek mythological figures.

    The National Ethnographic museum exhibits objects of typical national folk art like national costumes, jewelry, embroideries, tissues etc all dating a few centuries back.

    The Russian Monument is a stone monolith bearing a written dedication to Russian warriors who died in the Bulgarian war of liberation.

    Tourists experience a remarkable mixture of cultures in the square in front of the Central Halls covered market and nearby are located a 1576 mosque, the Roman ruins with the corner tower of the fortress of Serdica, the public baths of 1913, a basement church named "St Petka Samardjiiska" and a Jewish synagogue of 1909.

    things to do in sofia - downtown st.petka church

    The Vitosha National Park covering a large mountainous area is the main park in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria and has two reserves. The mountains encircling the Sofia plains are good haunts for outings, walks, and picnics.

    The Pancharevo Lake at about 15 km. from Sofia is suitable for sunbathing, recreation, water sports, fishing, and swimming.

     The Rila Monastery founded by John of Rila in the 10th century is a colony for hermits.

    Culture and Heritage of Bulgaria


    Bulgarian culture is a mix of different civilizations that occupied this country for hundreds of years. A tourist can savor the influence of the Thracian, the Slavic, the Bulgarian along with flavors of the Greek, Byzantine, Roman, Turkish and the Gypsy.

    Today, Sofia slowly becoming more Western European city, a mix of the old, new and ultra modern cultures is seen.

    Sofia Shopping Centers

    Tourists can shop in modern malls and also the traditional bazaars while in Sofia. The Zhenshi Pazar or the Market Woman is an ideal shopping place attracting visitors for Bulgarian ceramics, farm produce, olive oil, cheese, household goods etc.

    The capital of Bulgaria Sofia

    The Tsentralni Sofiyski Hali or the Central Market is another must-visit shopping spot in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. This beautiful building hosts food stalls, farmer produce, meat products, drinks, Bulgarian wines, clothing, souvenirs etc.

    The Elephant Bookstore is a wonderful bookshop and has fabulous food cafés too. Visitors opting for mall culture can check the Mall of Sofia and the City Center Sofia. A visitor has a choice of umpteen branded stores and cafes.

    The Picadilly and the Technomarket are worth visiting hypermarkets.

    Sofia Nightlife

    It is an atmosphere of abandon and liberation when one is concerned with the nightlife of Sofia. With lots of live music, night parties and dancing going, a visitor can check bars, band clubs and also the erotic clubs. Traditional Bulgarian music laced with punk, hardcore, electronica, reggae or metal are performed regularly in these Pop Folk clubs. Bars are open till late night and alcohol is served at any time of the day too.

    Business Environment

    Due to the country’s strong market potential and continual economic development, Sofia is able to attract international investors and traders. Bulgaria is an EU member and thus Sofia allows foreign persons with Bulgarian citizenship or residency to do business easily with the other EU states.

    Either for business or pleasure, Sofia the capital of Bulgaria with full of cosmopolitan vibes has everything to offer a visitor. 

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