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UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge

    All investors applying to a UK immigration program are required to pay healthcare fees while on their visas so they can be covered during this period until they obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. The details around the UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge can be a source of confusion, so we’ve broken down the most common questions below


    Top 5 Questions about the UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge

    1. What is the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)?

    A mandatory fee that applies to all foreign nationals staying in the United Kingdom for at least six months. It gives visa holders access to the National Health Service (NHS), the UK’s health care system, similar to UK nationals or permanent residents. 

     2. How do I pay the UK Immigration Surcharge?

    The IHS must be paid at the start of a visa application process by a debit or credit card.

    If you’re applying online, you pay it as part of your application. You must complete the payment and return to the online immigration application in less than 30 minutes.

    If you’re applying by mail, you must pay the healthcare surcharge before you complete your application. The IHS is reimbursed for unsuccessful applicants.

    3. How much does the UK Immigration Surcharge Cost?

    The fees depend on the candidate and visa type. The fees have been increased to the following rates starting on October 1, 2020.

    • Standard rate: The IHS will increase to  £625 per person per year for the duration of their Visa for non-EU/European Economic Area nationals.
    • Discounted rate: The IHS will increase to £470 per person per year for students, their dependents, Youth Mobility Scheme applicants and children under 18.
    • EU/European Economic Area nationals:  Starting January 1, 2021, EU/European Economic Area nationals applying under the new UK immigration system must pay the IHS.

    4. What services does the IHS cover? 

    Most applicants will still need to pay for certain types of services, such as prescriptions, dental treatment, eye tests, and fertility services. There are exemption guidelines to all of the above. You can review them here.

    5. Do I have to pay IHC when I attain Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)?



    No, when an applicant applies for ILR, they do not need to pay for the healthcare surcharge.


    If you have any questions regarding the UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge, or UK Citizenship by Investment Programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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