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What is Fractional Ownership of Real Estate?

    Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your family vacation? Are you looking for a way to stay in luxury, but hate the high prices associated with hotels and full ownership of a vacation home? Do you want the high-end hotel luxury, but don’t want the living out of a suitcase style of vacation? You are one of many people looking to reinvent the modern vacation. On top of it, you have the opportunity to obtain a second citizenship and passport! 

    Vacation Home as Fractional Ownership Real Estate

    Brand new styles of vacation homes are becoming more and more prominent and popular. It is called fractional ownership,” and here is how it works. Fractional Developments can be found almost anywhere you want to vacation, on the coasts, by your favorite golf course, near your favorite fishing lake, and near great tourist cities.

    They come stocked like luxury homes, with great features like luxury kitchens, huge bathrooms, and large closets. You even have access to concierges and housekeeping just like in a regular hotel. Depending on the location and building, you may even have a hotel suite. They also come as cabins, townhouses or wonderfully cozy homes.

    It is not a Timeshare. It's Better

    It is important to remember, this is not a timeshare. You are a partial owner of the property, with all the rights and privileges associated. You actually own a portion of the property (Usually a quarter to one-thirteenth) and that gives you a certain amount of weeks each year at the property, with full use of all the amenities.

    This actual ownership also gives you better chances at property appreciation and longer times at the property than traditional timeshares. Prices do wildly range depending on location and level of luxury, and space and rooms involved, but usually, your portion is as little as $40,000 or as high as $1 million for your truly luxury destinations.

    Some other things to keep in mind are the perks. Owners are more than welcome to swap weeks when they want to. People can purchase more than one fraction of their new vacation house, giving them more time at their lovely destination. The dates rotate each calendar year, giving multiple owners access to the prime days of a location, over the years.

    Get your St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment through purchasing a fractional real estate in Zenith Nevis Private Beach house.

    Are you eligible to apply for second citizenship and passport?

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