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Why Invest in Dominica - the Land of the 365 Rivers!

    Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, Dominica, an island nation, lies between Martinique and the French islands of Guadeloupe. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Caribbean Ocean to the west, Dominica is approximately about 289.5square miles in area. Officially referred to as ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’, Dominica is named thus for its unspoiled natural beauty.

    Gifted with numerous natural resources like the dynamic volcano, bubbling springs, mud spots, geysers, lakes, mountainous terrain with lush vegetation, dense rainforest, vibrant fauna and flora, this nature isle can boast of a stable economy and hence it makes sense to invest in Dominica.

    Business in Dominica

    Being an ecotourism destination this natural island is fast trying to gain high ranking as the best among the world’s tourist hotspots. Different service entities like the agro-processing, offshore services, service-oriented industries, manufacturing, banking, commerce, communication, health, information services, education, and many others are trying to contribute to Dominica’s economic growth and stimuli.

    Hence, without any reservations, businessmen and investors in a bid to gain income potential in this developing island nation are trying to seek Dominican citizenship by investment.

    Dominica has formulated an investor-friendly legislation which is in the form of providing a professional workforce, reasonable operational cost, attractively priced land dealings, great ownership policies, investor-friendly taxation, stable currency, and affordable wages. As long as any investor satisfies certain criteria, any person can take advantage of opportunities in many upcoming services like the manufacturing, Agro-processing, Tourism, Communication technology, Information, and still many others.

    In return, the investor gets concessions like no restriction in repatriation of profits, ownership rights, no tax like the estate tax, the capital gain tax and death tax. Many acts like the Hotels aid Act, the Fiscal Incentive Act, the Value Added Act, the Income Tax act are formulated to benefit an investor who is keen on willing to invest in Dominica and secure a Dominican citizenship.

    Dominica Investment Opportunities


    Some of the sectors where the Government of Dominica is willing to back local and foreign business investments are:

    Ancillary Services

    Investors can find ways to invest in the ancillary services that are serving the travel and tourism sectors of Dominica and includes restaurants, adventure tours and other attractions.

    Health and Wellness Tourism

    Dominica provides wonderful investment opportunities in the natural spa sector which a haven to scores of visitors who come to seek therapeutic and holistic recovery at the Caribbean island.

    Upmarket Flagship Boutique Accommodation

    When visitors choose Dominica as their ultimate vacation choice, providing them with befitting upmarket and upscale boutique accommodation is a priority. Investors can exploit this situation.


    Dominica has tremendous investment opportunities in manufacturing sector for a wide range of products.

    Bio-parks or Nature-Based Tourism

    This nature isle is generously gifted with natural towering mountains, rain-forests, waterfalls, springs, fresh water lakes/ rivers, hot springs, fumaroles, hot springs, flora and fauna and much, when investment for its preservation in many forms becomes highly imperative.

    Bulk Export of Mineral Water

    Dominica, the land of 365 rivers has a bounty of pure water and is exporting mineral water in bulk to water deficit countries in the world.

    With these and umpteen other investment sectors abounding, investors can look forward to an efficient and simple investing process in this nation. The Dominican Government extends full support by providing care to ensure and implement a successful business venture to interested parties.

     Photo: Fort Young Hotel in Roseau, Dominica

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