Citizenship by Investment Application

Once you’ve selected a country and program, it’s time to fill out and submit the application. When you work with High Net Worth Immigration, we handle this entire process for you and keep you informed as we move through each step.


Application Steps


  1. Choose a country and the investment route you will take to gain residency and/or citizenship.
  2. Sign our Retainer Agreement and/or power of attorney forms so that a representative can navigate the application process for you.
  3. Gather all of the required documents. We can help clarify which documents you can provide on your own, and which must be produced by medical, law enforcement, and other officials. Commonly-required documents include a birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of finances, proof of good health, clean criminal record, etc.
  4. Have your documents translated and notarized as required.
  5. Pay the required application and processing fees.
  6. Submit (via our office) your file with the official application, required fees, and proof of the investment sum held in an approved escrow account, as well as proof of real estate contract(s) if required.
  7. Arrange to visit the consular office or your designated country, if necessary.


What happens once your application is submitted?


The respective government agency confirms that they have received your file.

  1. The receiving office reviews your file, and confirms full compliance or requests any additional information.
  2. Background checks are completed.
  3. Once initial approvals are made, your file is transferred to the appropriate Citizenship by Investment institution for approval.
  4. Approval is granted (subject to final investment amount being received).
  5. Investment amount is released by the escrow agent.
  6. Receipt of funds is confirmed.
  7. Certificate of residency or citizenship is granted.
  8. Final visit to the country or their consular office for official confirmation and issuing of passports, if required.



The list above provides an overview of the standard steps required to secure permanent residency or citizenship. Each country has its own process, so the requirements will vary slightly depending on the program you choose. Some countries do not require you to be physically present at all, while others require at least one visit, or even long-term physical residency before they grant citizenship.


When you have reviewed the steps, shortlisted your options, and compiled your initial questions, please arrange your free consultation. We look forward to helping you on your journey to securing a second citizenship through investment.




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