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7 Best Global Citizenship and Residence Advisory Firms (+Checklist)

    Suppose you have decided to invest in a foreign country seeking permanent residency or citizenship. In that case, you are perhaps on the lookout for the best global citizenship and residence advisory firm. 

    There are several second citizenship consultants on the market, so finding the right one could be overwhelming.

    Our High Net Worth Immigration citizenship and residency advisory firm has assisted wealthy individuals and their families in securing a second passport worldwide for over a decade. 

    And while we’re confident that our results-oriented and needs-focused services are one of the best in the citizenship-by-investment industry, we believe in transparency and understand you may want to consider all of your options before choosing the best fit for your circumstances.

    In this article, we bring the seven best global citizenship and residence by investment advisory firms. 

    Our expert team has also created a free checklist covering the ins and outs of finding and partnering with the right citizenship-by-invesment consultant. So, read on until the end to get access to your copy.

    Note: the list is in no particular order.


    1. Citizenship Invest

    Citizenship Invest is a citizenship-by-investment (CBI) and residency-by-investment (RBI) advisory firm headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

    Main Services:

    • Application support with CBI and RBI programs in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Caribbean
    • Post-application services, including passport renewals and replacements, residency visa transfers, and a new spouse application.

    2. Henley & Partners

    Henley & Partners is a residency and second citizenship consultancy company focusing on foreign investment in CBI and RBI programs. They also assist clients in securing premium properties in nations that host residence and citizenship through investment programs.

    Main Services:

    • A wide range of investment migration countries in Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East (Jordan and UAE), the USA, Asia Pacific, and Africa.
    • Government advisory practice.

    3. La Vida Golden Visa


    La Vida Golden Visas is a UK-registered advisory firm, mainly focusing on the most popular residency and citizenship by investment programs. The company’s background lies in international investment advice, which they offer as part of their services.

    Main Services:

    • Assistance with 18 CBI and RBI programs across the world.
    • Investment advisory.

    4. Arton Capital

    Arton Capital is another global citizenship and residence advisory firm specializing in CBI and RIB investor programs. They are also founders of the Global Citizenship Forum.

    Main Services:

    • Permanent residency and second citizenship solutions, mainly in Antigua & Barbuda, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Montenegro, Portugal, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the USA.
    • Wealth management

    5. CS Global Partners

    CS Global Partners provides residency and citizenship by investment solutions, mainly focusing on B2B clients, professionals, and investors rather than families.

    Main Services:

    • Application support for CBI programs in Antigua and Barbuda, Bulgaria, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Turkey and RBI programs in several European countries and Singapore.
    • Government advisory.

    6. NTL Trust

    NTL Trust offers financial professionals, global entrepreneurs, and investors cross-border wealth management solutions via CBI and RBI programs.

    Main Services:

    • Assistance with the main CBI and RBI programs across the globe.
    • Corporate services, including foreign company registration, financial licenses, bank accounts, and yacht registrations.

    7. Bayat Legal Services

    Bayat Legal Services is a boutique law practice focused on providing support with applications for the second citizenship programs. This global citizenship and residence advisory firm also offers advice on tax planning and offshore trusts.

    Main Services:

    • Application support for the most popular CBI and RBI programs.
    • Immigration, work and study permits.

    Conclusion: Perform Due Diligence

    Here you have—the seven best global citizenship and residence advisory firms. As you know, investing in a foreign country and securing a permanent residency or dual citizenship is a complex matter that requires bespoke support to ensure your success in the application process.

    Each advisory firm has its specialties as well as strengths and weaknesses, so before deciding which is the one for you, you must perform due diligence and vet them carefully.

    Our team has created a helpful free checklist of questions and considerations to help you evaluate and decide which global citizenship and residence advisory firm best meets your needs.

    Download Our Free Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Any Residence and Second Citizenship Consultant.


    Download Checklist Now


    At High Net Worth Immigration, we are committed to exceptional customer service and personal integrity, seeking to find profitable solutions that benefit your bank accounts in addition to creating the opportunity for a second passport. We have a 98% success rate of helping people acquire dual citizenship through profitable investments in other countries. Book your free consultation today!

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