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    Canada allows visa-free entry for visitors from Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts & Nevis

    The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, recently announced that 13 countries had been added to the electronic travel authorization (eTA) program. Travelers from...
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    Malta Golden Visa and Citizenship by Investment in 2024

    Seeking a gateway to a thriving European lifestyle and a secure investment haven? The magnificent island nation of Malta could be an option for you.
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    Hungarian Residence Permit by Property Investment (2024 Guide)

    Are you interested in obtaining a European Residence Permit by investing in property? Look no further than Hungary, as it is one of the countries that grant residency permits to foreign nationals in...
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    Can I Apply for Citizenship by Investment as a Common-Law Partner?

    Is it possible for me to apply for residency and citizenship through investment as a common-law partner? Whilst most residency or citizenship by investment (CBI) programs generously allow interested...
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    101 Questions about Citizenship by Investment

    Are you curious about the ins and outs of this increasingly popular method of obtaining citizenship, known as Citizenship by Investment (CBI)? Do you have questions about the requirements, benefits,...
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    Mexico Residency by Investment in Real Estate (Guide)

    Mexico has long established itself as a popular holiday destination, thanks to its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate, delicious cuisine, and affordable costs.
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    6 Reasons You Should Invest in Greece Golden Visa in 2024

    As an investor seeking to obtain a European Permanent Residency, Greece is an unwavering choice amidst the changing and uncertain landscape of other popular European Residency by Investment Programs.
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    Benefits for Investors Who Have Become a Global Citizen

    Are you considering becoming a global citizen? Many countries are eager to attract foreign investment and talent, offering enticing incentives such as permanent residency or citizenship. From...
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    Citizenship by Investment: Restricted Nationalities in 2024

    Residency by Investment (RBI) or Citizenship by Investment (CBI) are increasingly popular ways to obtain residency or a foreign passport through investments in the local economy of your chosen...
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    Irish Immigrant Investor Program Closes [One Option Left]

    Yesterday, Ireland’s Justice Minister, Simon Harris, announced that the country's Immigrant Investment Program (IIP) would be terminated effective February 15, 2023. This announcement has been met...
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