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    EU Explained: A Brief History

    In 1950, Robert Schuman, France’s Foreign Minister, issued what became known as The Schuman Declaration. His vision was to unite European countries, both economically and politically, in order to...
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    Invest in Startups to Obtain Fast-Track Cyprus Citizenship

    Cyprus offers a long list of benefits to foreign direct investors who focus on start-up enterprises. Investors from outside the European Union, who make an approved investment in Cyprus startups,...
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    Business Opportunities in UK: A Tradition of Entrepreneurship

    The United Kingdom has a strong tradition of business enterprise. It was the home of the Industrial Revolution and was known, for almost a hundred years, as 'The Workshop of the World.' The country...
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    The Ease of Doing Business in Grenada

    Grenada's Citizenship by Investment program was launched in 2013 to act as a stimulant to developing the country's economy by encouraging foreign investment. Grenada's government wants to make it as...
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    What is the Cyprus Non-Domiciled Taxation?

    Great news for non domiciled Cyprus residents! The country has introduced tax rules for individuals who are considered ‘non-domiciled’ or ‘non-dom.’ Investors who are not domiciled in Cyprus avoid...
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    Why Invest in Cyprus - Attractive Energy Sector Developments

    Cyprus is fast becoming the bright light of the eastern Mediterranean and of the smaller EU member countries. The country's energy supply is destined to include domestic oil and gas production,...
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    Bulgaria Tourist Destinations: Land of Sand, Snow, and Golf

    Are you looking for an adventure off the usual tourist track? There are many things to do when you visit Bulgaria as you can enjoy 220 miles of coastline, varied and fascinating scenery, rich...
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    What is ETA Visa and How to get one?

    On March 15, 2016,The Canadian government has officially introduced Electronic Travel Authorization [ETA] for eligible travelers that don’t need to obtain a temporary resident visa [TRV] to enter...
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    Citizenship in Grenada through the Buy back Investment Option

    These days, it is easier than ever to gain the full benefits of Grenada citizenship by investment, by participating in a simple buyback investment option in sustainable aquaculture. By investing in...
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    Visiting Antigua and Barbuda - Paradise Awaits You Here!

    Antigua and Barbuda are neighboring islands nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Called the "Land of 365 Beaches,” these twin beauties offer the best of their namesake beaches...
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